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Miriam Moriah

Words fall short when art speaks for itself. A language all its own. 

"Inspiration was never something to seek out but to be awake for."

Based in Southern California, Miriam continues to paint through her waves of creative expression. She challenges herself to capture human emotion on canvas. To make you feel. 

"My body traps me in my own prison when i don't create. I think it's not only a freedom but also a sanity for artists to express themselves; you're giving the gift of tantalizing the audiences mind. To be fed from a full palette of color, a visual feast."

Miriam is a self taught artist and is always stretching her capabilities. 

"I've only ever found a true representation of the vision that comes from my own awareness and understanding of the world around me. Nature has been one of my biggest teachers, human nature my inspiration."

There is a mystery to art that never gets solved. Fantasies and nightmares to vicariously live through paint.